Journal by “Fannie M. Grout, Westminster, Vt.,
Nov. 18th 1855”

Fannie Grout was born in Westminster, Vermont, 18 November 1838, the second daughter of Sylvester and Cassandra (Hunt) Grout. She had four sisters, Mary Eliza, Lydia Ann, Eleanora “Nora” and Catherine “Kate” Ellen. There were also two brothers who did not survive infancy.

Fannie made a decision to “commence” keeping a journal on her 17th birthday. Her writings last for a period of only seven months, but in that time we see a young girl, with typical jealousies and yearnings of a teenager attending school at the Westminster Seminary, become a young woman with the responsibilities of teaching school.

While Benjamin Spooner of Petersham, Massachusetts was a student at the Seminary, he was a boarder at Fannie’s parents’ home on Grout Ave. Fannie and Benjamin were married in January 1862 and went to live in Petersham.

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